Balboni Edition Lamborghini Gallardo – Two-Stage Paint Correction Detail






Balboni Edition Lamborghini Gallardo – Two-Stage Paint Correction Detail



Throw back Thursday to the day I received a call from a person who got our information via Instagram! The customer contacted us, asking if we detailed Lamborghini cars. Yes sir. We actually specialize in maintaining and OEM paint restoration on Lamborghini’s!


After is Decon wash process I was able to pull it out side to get a closer look at the defects.

DSC_0766DSC_0768DSC_0769With a 2 stage correction on tap. This ultra rare bull was ready for its exterior make over! Heres a 50/50 capture of the corrected rear spoiler. It had to be at the clear bra shop early next morning, so we only had limited time.  Few photos taken of the repair.DSC_0782


Zip @StreetMetalConcepts made a late house call to the studio for a last-minute touch-up. Poor Balboni had a rock chip almost directly in middle of the hood. 🙁



Due in the AM. So early that morning I was able to get some good shots of this beauty. They look so good in WHITE! Gtechniq surface protection applied on the exterior and interior. C2V3 liquid Crystal on the exterior. L1 and Matte Dash were applied after the interior was fully cleaned and detailed.

DSC_0849 DSC_0847DSC_0825


The end. Thanks for reading!!