Ferrari F430-Light Paint Correction Detail

Flash back Ferrari Friday. Ultra low Ferrari F430 we detailed years ago!

Ferrari F430-Light Paint Correction Detail - Auto Detailing Orlando

Rosso Corsa red Ferrari we performed a 2 Stage Enhancement detail on 2 years ago. Started off with a deep decontamination wash process.  Clay bar treatment to remove heavy full-out.



Test panel 50/50 comparison. Finding the right solution to restoring this Ferrari’s faded paint work.  The fact of the car being up for sale soon, our client did not wish for paint work perfection. To save money and time, we decided on a 2 step.


Moderate compound pass. Second polish pass to applied yet.


CSC_0037 DSC_0032

After spending nearly 8hrs restoring paint, the time finally came for protection! 1 coat of Menzerna Power Lock paint sealant was applied on the entire exterior paint work including inner door jambs. Exterior protection lasting up to 4months.


The F430 covered in paint sealant


Into the late evening. Paint sealant cured (20min) then removed. Rosso paint showing gloss even in a dark garage. We couldn’t wait to see it outside!


Outside and Rosso as ever. The F430 paint turned out great, showing a deep shine. Swirl free and glossy!

DSC_0085 DSC_0104 DSC_0112 DSC_0090

We are so happy with results.  This car was sold to a very happy new owner shortly after this detail. Like receiving a brand new car!

OEM Paint work Restoration detail

Thanks for spending the tine to read this short Blog post! 🙂