Lamborghini PPF and Modesta Coatings | Full Body PPF and Coating Applications

Lamborghini PPF and Modesta Coatings

Superior Detailer applies full body PPF and Modesta Coatings to Lamborghini’s | Orlando

Hi All! Thanks for visiting the Superior Detailer blog. This post explores our Modesta coatings and Paint Protection Film (PPF) on Lamborghini‘s in Orlando, Florida. Many Lamborghini owners have trusted Superior Detailer for their PPF and Coatings. You should, too! Why?

  • Superior Detailer works with each client individually to match their driving habits and desires with the proper paint protection package.
  • We have the required DETAILing knowledge and experience to properly prep the surface for PPF and coating applications. This provides the most desirable look for the PPF.
  • The SD shop is equipped with the scissor and 4-post lifts required to properly elevate these high-end vehicles, eliminating any risk of damage to the vehicle.
  • Our custom Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Modesta Coatings applications provide the most desirable combination of look and protection for high-end vehicles like Lamborghini.
  • We are the only shop in Central Florida to offer the Prestige Film Technologies ClearGuard Nano (CGN) Paint Protection Film.
  • We are also the only shop in Central Florida to offer the BEST and most durable coating brand in the world – Modesta!

A Visit to the Lamborghini Dealership (Fields Motorcars Orlando) to See our Work

The two Lamborghini Huracan Evos that we feature in this post came from our friends at Lamborghini Orlando Check out our YouTube video of the gloss Evo at the Fields Dealership right down the street from our shop here in Orlando:

Steve Fritz at Fields near Downtown Orlando stopping in to do some touch-ups on the PPF we applied to the Huracan Evo

Fully Body PPF on the Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini Huracan Evo in Matte

Many Central Florida locals trust Superior Detailer with their exotics and sports cars. But there are still a lot of vehicle owners who haven’t heard about our work. This year we applied PPF to many Lamborghini’s. We apply full body PPF wraps on all types of vehicles and Lamborghini is no exception! See below why you should choose us for your Lamborghini PPF work.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Straight from the dealership, this Lamobrghini Huracan Performante received a full detail, polish, and fully body PPF wrap.

Visit our YouTube channel and subscribe to see our work posted on a regular basis. Seen here is the Performante live and in action!

Modesta Coatings | Lamborghini Orlando

Superior Detailer always encourages coatings applications to paint protection film. Why? The following venn diagram shows the benefits of PPF, coatings, and the combination of the two.

Modesta Coatings over PPF aids in chemical resistance and enhances PPF maintenance. The PPF will stay cleaner longer and it will look newer for much longer.

Both vehicles presented above were coated with Modesta Coatings. We applied Modesta BC-08 and BC-04. We also applied Modesta BC-06 wheel coating to the wheels on both vehicles. Wheel coatings eliminate brake dust buildup. Wheel coatings make cleaning wheels much easier and helps prevent scratching wheels during cleaning. Modesta BC-06 wheel coating is very popular choice for our Lamborghini clients.

Superior Detailer – The Right Choice for Lamborghini PPF Work and Coatings

We know there are so many businesses now offering PPF and coatings. Superior Detailer is a small business with a niche service for a select clientele. We don’t want to do every vehicle. We want to protect vehicles for clients who have a specific need for high-end products, applications, and service.

Contact us today to experience luxury detailing in Orlando, FL. We are the only business of our kind actually located in the City of Orlando. We are conveniently located just off I-4, close to downtown Orlando.

Thanks for reading. We look forward to working with you. – Steve and Kim