Yamaha Raven R6 Detail

  Perhaps one of the greatest 600cc motorcycles ever built!  The Raven R6 came in for a good detail and our best protection package. With over 30K on the clock it had seen all kinds of roads both North to South of the east coast and was in dire need of a Supreme Clean! (more…)
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2013 997 Porsche Turbo S Full Paint Correction w/Gtechniq Protection

  Beautiful Black Porsche Turbo S is a very practical daily driver. This one in particular was in need for a restoration and since it is driven daily.  It received our Ultimate Gtechniq Protection package, not only to lock-in the newly restored paint surface, but to insure it stays beautiful throughout this owner’s entire ownership!…
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2002 BMW M3 Phoenix Yellow

The detail was performed for a good friend! She’s one of the nicest people we know. Speaks highly of our performance and services so we just had to get a hold of her personal sports car…..a Phoenix Yellow BMW M3! My friend (the owner) was out of town on business for short while. We only…
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2014 Mustang GT California Special

New Car prep on this triple black Mustang GTCS. With Less the 450 miles road worthy miles on it. Protecting the car surfaces this early in its life makes a huge difference in ease up keep and future details. “The importance of a new car prep” Lets start with the interior. Cleaned and thoroughly detailed….a interior nano…
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