Exotic Car Care


Superior Detailer’s foundation is built upon the protection and maintenance of luxury and exotic sports cars. SD offers services for exotic paint protection in Orlando, Florida that include Exotic Paint Correction, Paint Protection, Coatings, and Paint Protection Film.

SD has worked on hundreds of exotic and luxury vehicles over the past 15 years to include Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Maserati, Aston Martin, and Bentley. He’s produced award-winning finishes, interior details, and paint protection that cannot be matched by any shop in the Central Florida area. In recent years, SD has learned the art of applying Paint Protection Film (PPF) and his PPF services are second to none in Central Florida. Experience luxury detailing the SUPERIOR way.

The Difference is the Experience, Products and Techniques Used, and Quality of Work Performed

True luxury and exotic paint protection starts with an experienced detailer who has a passion for excellence. It is enhanced by the finest coatings and paint protection films in the world. It ends with an unmatched level of quality and a connection with the client. SD services are for the enthusiast who understands luxury detailing and wants the best for their vehicle.

SD has an intimate knowledge of luxury and exotic paintwork on countless vehicle types. He brings this knowledge and experience uniquely to each client and vehicle. Superior Detailer is the only shop in Central Florida to offer Modesta’s line of glass coatings, Prestige Film Techologies’ ClearGuard Nano Paint Protection Film, and CeraLuxe Quantum Ceramic Tint Film. These are the best high-end paint protection products and films currently on the market and we bring them to our Central Florida clients.

We invite you to research SD’s portfolio and the above-mentioned products.

opacity Recommended Services

  • New Car Preparation which will include some level of paint correction based on the condition of the paint
  • Multiple levels of Paint Correction to restore the finish of a newly acquired luxury or exotic vehicle. This is SD’s specialty and most sought after service.
  • Paint Protection Film (PPF) or “Clear Bra” applied to the vehicle’s most vulnerable areas (hood, fender, bumpers, mirrors). Full body PPF services are becoming more popular and we combine the service with  Modesta Glass Coatings for the ultimate in protection and shine.
  • Modesta Glass Coating to stabilize the color and prevent surface scratches that can appear from improper washing (applied to paint and over PPF)