New Car Protection


Superior Detailer created our New Car Protection services to protect your vehicle’s surfaces from additional surface contaminates like tar and asphalt from the roads, corrosion and oxidation, industrial fallout, organic compounds, acidic rain, and brake dust particles. The goal is to protect and preserve.

New Vehicles Can Come From the Factory with Paint Defects

A small percentage of vehicles are shipped from the factory with minimal paint imperfections, and most new vehicles come with exterior surface contaminates, at a minimum. Our packages starts with a New Car Preparation Detail, which is a 2-hour, multiple-step wash process to decontaminate the exterior surface from any harmful contaminates. This is the foundation for protection.

Our New Car Protection services include Protective Coatings and Paint Protection Film (PPF). We are accredited glass and ceramic coating installation specialists, and trained and certified professional PPF installers.

Based on studies and tests with other coating brands over the last 8 years, we choose Modesta’s line of protective coatings as the most durable and visually appealing for Florida’s sub-tropical environment.

Visit our Blog here for a great write-up on a New Car Protection detail we performed on a brand new Corvette ZR1.

Superior Detailer New Car Protection Packages

The packages listed below come standard with a Light Polish. The polish price can vary based on paint condition and client desires. An in-person consultation will help us to decide which level is best for you. The price will also vary depending on which level of coating and type of PPF applied. We provide the packages listed below with Modesta. Call today to discuss which package is best for your new vehicle.

***Any package can be adjusted to remove protection or add additional items. See a-la-cart items below.

***All New Car Protection details start with a full preparation decontamination wash and come standard with a Light Polish