Protective Coatings


Protective coatings are the industry’s most advanced and strongest form of protection other than Paint Protection Film (PPF). The Protective Coatings that we use create a hard layer on the vehicle’s clear coat that acts as an invisible barrier to protect paint from all adverse affects of the environment. Protective coatings are becoming very popular as consumers are realizing the value in applying paint protection that can (and should):

  • Deliver maximum long-term protection and visual impact
  • Provide scratch, stain, and UV resistance
  • Repel dirt better and provide maximum ease-of-washing
  • Maintain the integrity of a vehicle’s paint work and clear coat

What types of Protective Coatings does SD offer?

With today’s technology, there are a wide range of protective coating products available on the market and we understand that it can be difficult to choose a coating product and installer. Superior Detailer chooses the Modesta brand exclusively for our clients based on years of experience, studies, and tests with other coating brands. Modesta’s line of products provides the most durable coatings for Florida’s sub-tropical environment. Visit our Modesta Glass Coatings page for more information.

What parts of the vehicle can Protective Coatings be applied?

Protective coatings can be applied to: All paint work; Trim and Windows; Wheels and Brake Calipers; Interiors

What is the process for applying Protective Coatings?

The paint preparation process is critical to ensuring a strong bond between the coating and clear coat. We perform an indoor full-filtered multiple stage wash and total preparation process before applying any coating to safely remove contaminates or polish residues. After a mulit-step wash, we perform a clay bar treatment and then remove additional contaminates and iron deposits with a decontaminating spray.

Protective coatings enhance the vehicle’s paint, and therefore enhance any paint defects. At a minimum, we perform a light polish to ensure the highest clarity and best results.

Once the surface is properly prepared, each coating is applied by hand in our climate-controlled detail shop. The coating will form an almost immediate reaction with the clear coat. Coatings are cured via Infrared (IR) lamp, section by section.