Tesla Car Care


Superior Detailer offers a high-end service for new Tesla Paint Protection in Orlando, Florida. This information was formulated by Superior Detailer based on hands-on experience with all Tesla models. Tesla vehicles have premium paint and should be treated by a professional who has experience working with premium paint. Our Tesla clients are seeking the ultimate combination of a high-end service and paint protection.

Superior Detailer’s method and products differ from any other shop in the Central Florida area; our previous Tesla work and prices reflect that. We are the only shop in Central Florida to offer Modesta’s line of glass coatings and Prestige Film Techologies’ ClearGuard Nano Paint Protection Film. See video and photos below of our recent Full Front PPF and Full Body PPF Tesla services.

*Note that we require an in-person consultation to schedule a service. ** If you have a date that you’re receiving your Tesla and would like service, please contact us. We are booking several weeks out for Tesla services.

opacity Recommended Services

  • New Car Preparation Detail which will include some level of paint correction based on the condition of the paint, even for brand new vehicles
  • Paint Protection Film (PPF) or “Clear Bra” applied to the vehicle’s most vulnerable areas (hood, fender, bumpers, mirrors). Many Tesla owners are now receiving full-body PPF services with a combination of Modesta Glass Coatings for the ultimate in protection and shine.
  • Modesta Glass Coating or “ceramic coating” to stabilize the color and prevent surface scratches that can appear from improper washing (applied to paint and over PPF)

build Recommended Maintenance

  • Vehicle should be washed every 2-3 weeks with the proper products and tools, based on Superior Detailer’s recommendation. These products can be purchased at Superior Detailer
  • After protection is applied, Teslas should be serviced annually to ensure integrity of protection applied (every 12-14 months)