Ceramic Coatings and High-End Automotive Detail at its best!


Multiple stages of machine polishing permanently removing swirls and paint fading. Allowing the surface to be smooth, so that any protection applied performs at its greatest potential. Paint correction can be achieved in 1-3 stages.


Providing the best protection against bugs, road grime, rock chips, and fading. Proper paint protected surfaces stay cleaner longer, plus allows easy daily maintenance.


All new vehicles need immediate protection. The New Car Preparation detail starts with a multiple step wash process to decontaminate the exterior surface from any harmful contaminates that may have developed during transportation to the dealership.

Protect Your Investment

Detailing and proper protection prevents your vehicle from early aging. Once traded or sold, the vehicle value current or profitable.

Road Course Ready

The best and safest paint protection for road corse racing and track day sessions. Our strongest line of coatings and PPF are installed, providing an ultra slick and durable surface.

Improvements Guaranteed

Restorative detailing is what we specialize in. We guarantee any details preformed by us result in a major improvement both inside and out.

Superior Finish

We make sure that every vehicle leaves our hands in the best condition in its highest potential.


Superior Detailer LLC (SD) offers high-end interior and exterior detailing and paint correction services for all types of vehicles. SD uses state-of-the art equipment and works with the industry’s leading-edge product manufacturers to offer paint protection services and interior treatments that rival the best in the business. SD offers services for cars, trucks, “everyday drivers”, and motorcycles, and specializes in luxury, sports, exotic, and super cars. Located in the downtown Orlando area, Superior Detailer has a private shop designated for Nano coatings and paint correction services.

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