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Paint Protection Film Orlando, Tesla Model Y, Model Y, Tesla Paint Protection Film

In this post we discuss Tesla Paint Protection Film in Orlando. Specifically, we review Superior Detailer Paint Protection Film (PPF) applications on the Tesla Model Y. To support this, the following video on YouTube shows our work in detail. Enjoy the up close footage of our PPF work and please follow us on YouTube for more content like this.

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Steve Fritz, SD Owner and Chief Operator briefly explains Superior Detailer PPF Applications.

What is our standard Tesla PPF process?

At Superior Detailer we are experienced detailers. Therefore, we pay attention closely to detailed work and Paint Protection Film appearance is very important to us. As a result, our standard process ends with a thorough Quality Control check. The process starts with detailed work that prepares the surface for PPF application. The results provide the best application. We prove this repeatedly with our Tesla clients.

There are several steps that ensure our applications provide the best possible look and maximum protection:

  • We remove the side markers and apply the film behind the side marker
  • Create a custom one-piece mirror cap for full, seamless coverage of the highest impact area
  • Remove emblems to place film directly on the hood, and then we re-attach the emblems

Here are some visual examples of what was just described:

What are some benefits of our PPF applications?

In Summary, lets go over the benefits of our PPF (clear bra) application process. First, our preparation process ensures the best visually appealing surface underneath the film. Second, we ensure that the film covers the most area and is virtually invisible. This is important especially as the film ages. Third, we hold vehicles overnight and perform our quality checks the following day once all film is dry. This allows us to make sure all edges are secure and there are no issues with the application.

What are the general benefits of PPF?

We wrote a short blog post last year about PPF benefits for Tesla models. You can find that post here: The following blog post also goes over PPF benefits for your Tesla: https://superiordetailer.com/2019/07/29/why-paint-protection-is-important-for-your-tesla/

There is no question that PPF increases the longevity of paint work and greatly reduces front end vehicle damage. Therefore, it’s no wonder why so many new Tesla owners choose to apply PPF to their vehicles. The Model Y in this photo below received our PPF Track Pack. This PPF package includes: the full hood, front bumper, fenders, headlights, A-pillars, mirrors, and rocker panels (at lower doors).

Paint Protection Film Orlando, Tesla Model Y, Model Y, Tesla Paint Protection Film

We also applied our most durable ceramic coating to all the exterior paint work: Modesta BC-04.

Paint Protection Film Orlando, Tesla Model Y, Model Y, Tesla Paint Protection Film

Notice that the film is not visible here. As a standard, we remove side markers and “hide” the film. This has several benefits, one of which is a seamless and invisible look.

Tesla Paint Protection Film Options & Pricing

We know, Paint Protection Film (clear bra) is expensive. But, from our personal experience of having PPF and coatings on our own vehicles, the up front cost is 100% worth it. But, what are the options and price differences? I’ll answer that by providing information on what most of our Tesla clients purchase. Most of our Tesla clients purchase the full front PPF option. That option covers the most vulnerable areas: front bumper, full hood, full fenders, and headlights. This application is less than $2k and provides huge benefits in the long term. A less expensive option, and popular choice, is to wrap just the front bumper. The front bumper is the most vulnerable area on the vehicle. Tesla models, specifically, are very susceptible to front bumper damage. This option is very affordable.

Let’s work together to find a PPF solution for your Tesla that meets your needs and budget! We understand the concern regarding the cost. We want your Tesla protected, and so we will work with you to find the best solution that meets your budget.


We hope this short post provides you with some information to get you started on your search for Tesla Paint Protection Film in Orlando, FL. Similarly, we certainly hope you contact us for the best PPF application in Orlando. The photos and video provided in this post should aid in your search for the right shop. We have seen some Tesla Paint Protection Film work that is not acceptable. Actually, we replace PPF on vehicles where the owner isn’t happy with the original installation.

Let us know if you have any questions! – Kim and Steve