Modesta Ceramic Coatings


Ceramic Coatings are the industry’s most advanced and strongest form of protection other than Paint Protection Film. The Modesta Ceramic Coatings we use create a hard layer on the vehicle’s clear coat. It acts as an invisible barrier to protect paint from all adverse affects of the environment. Coatings are very popular because consumers realize the value in applying paint protection that can (and should):

  • Deliver maximum long-term protection and visual impact
  • Provide scratch, stain, and UV resistance
  • Repel dirt and make washing incredibly easy
  • Maintain paint work and clear coat integrity

Coating Applications

We apply Modesta ceramic coatings by hand and cure to the surface via IR lamp(s). They can be applied directly over PPF. Your vehicle will stay cleaner longer. Modesta can offer up to 10 years of paint protection with proper maintenance. Visit our Blog or Gallery for our Modesta work.

See below for applications and prices. ***Prices listed are for coating application only. Prices do not include wash/prep and any polish or correction work required before coating application. Final pricing is determined during the in-person consultation.

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Modesta Ceramic Coatings for Paint

Modesta Exterior Glass, Trim, Wheel Coating Add-Ons


About Modesta Glass Ceramic Coatings

Modesta Glass Ceramic Coatings are advanced protective coatings hand-made by professional chemists in Kagawa, Japan. These products are only available to a hand-selected network of detailing specialists around the world. Modesta products are the most advanced protective coatings available. They create a hard, thick, glass-like layer composed of high grade silicium produced by a chemical reaction at the time of application. The coating acts as an incredible barrier and protects paint from all adverse affects of the environment. Modesta glass ceramic coatings are applied directly to the clear coat of the vehicle and add a layer of hardness more durable than the clear coat itself. The coating will perform far beyond any wax or sealant and is the new standard for long-term paint protection.

We Choose Modesta Exclusively

We understand that it is difficult to choose a coating product and installer. Superior Detailer chooses the Modesta Ceramic Coatings brand exclusively for our clients because of our years of experience, studies, and tests with other coatings.