Paint Protection Film


What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Paint Protection Film (also known as Clear Bra) is a virtually invisible urethane protective film that can be applied to any or all of your vehicle’s paint work. PPF will protect your vehicle from damage caused by environmental elements such as gravel, salt, rocks, or insects. SD is a factory trained XPEL Paint Protection installer. PPF can be installed on all vehicle paintwork.

What is the difference between standard PPF installation and PPF the SUPERIOR way?

Here at Superior Detailer, we have the detailing skills, knowledge, and experience that differentiates our application from other PPF installations. Superior Detailer LLC is based first and foremost on a passion for automobiles and protecting the integrity of a vehicle’s paint work. We bring this passion and DETAILing knowledge to our PPF application. Each vehicle is treated on an individual basis at Superior Detailer. Why apply clear film to dirty, marred paint? Before installation, the paint is thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. Then, the process differs based on customer desires. We care about your vehicle’s paint here at SD and we want to protect that paint, but also create a perfect foundation for protection. Please visit our Instagram or Facebook page for more information or gallery of our work! It’s all about the DETAILS.

What PPF Coverage options are available?

See below for standard coverage options. PPF kits can also be customized based on customer needs. We currently offer STEKPrestige Film Technologies ClearGuard Nano3M, and Xpel Paint Protection Films. Starting at prices are for film application only.