Nissan GTR – Wheels Off Detail

A 2009 Nissan GTR that received a “wheels off” detail late last year returns. Only this time its in for a new layer of Gtechniq protection.

Nissan GTR - Wheels Off Detail - Auto Detailing Orlando



The GTR’s appearance before it all started. It’s been a few thousand miles of daily driving since the car’s previous detail, and as you’ll see the car has suffered quite a bit of marring that requires correction. GTR’s are one of the best daily driven sports cars on the road today, so these things are going to happen on a daily driver!




Our normal standard prep wash (not pictured) was performed prior to this detail:

  • Wheels, lower rocker panels, and inner fender wells prepped clean
  • Foam shampoo hand wash followed by iron contaminate remover handwash
  • Final rinse with Di-ionzed filtered water. Forced air dry complete

Now on to the details!

Paint suffered a great deal this time around. Moderate scratches, hard water stains, and mild oxidation through out.


DSC_0845 DSC_0853

The clear coat on GTR’s is quite soft, So we went with a medium strength compound from Scholl Concepts. Micro-fiber cutting disks were used to remove the defects clean and even.

50/50 Comparison

DSC_0868 DSC_0881 IMG_2142

When our client purchased this 09 GTR 2-plus years ago, we performed a paint correction detail to it. So fortunately this time around, even with the amount of scratches, marring, and fading, the paint work re-correct was way less hassle than the first time around. Completion took us around 8.5 hours correcting and polishing.

Gtechniq (C1 base layer) crystal lacquer paint protection was applied on all exterior paint. The coated surfaces was then cured by infrared. Lastly the cured paint coatings are topped off with a layer of Gtechniq C2v3 for its enhanced hydrophobic and self cleaning effects. What that means is water (even disgusting sprinkler water) will bead and fling off without leaving traces of hard water damage!

DSC_0951 DSC_0938 DSC_0939

Thank you for reading!

2009 Nissan R35 GTR protected with Gtechniq C1 and C2v3 liquid crystal sealant.DSC_0979