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If you are looking for greater protection for your car, look no further than this combo of Xpel Ultimate and Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum. This Tesla Model S P90D is arguably the best available daily driver on the market. It is often referred to as “The Ultimate Daily Driver”, and rightfully so. Its life mostly involves a daily commute via highway. Our Crystal Serum “New Car Protection Detail” paired with an Xpel paint protection film (PPF) is an absolute home run for this new Tesla Model S P90D.

Tesla Model S P90D w/Crystal Serum | Xpel Clear Bra |Orlando - Auto Detailing Orlando

Although the Model S still has less than 500 miles on it at the time of detail, we always go through the very careful process of prepping the car cautiously by decontaminating the paint work. This ensures a good clean surface to work with, allowing optimal results from the Gtechniq products we’ll be applying.

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Iron and Fall Out Deposit Removal Wash

Many new cars have iron deposits from rail dust exposure during transport to dealerships. We properly ensure all paint deposits are removed before the polishing process begins. We start off by using deionized water and a decontamination wash, then we move on to clay barring the entire vehicle. Claying lifts any additional and heavier contaminants off the paint. This extremely crucial step is what will ultimately lead your paint to feeling glossy and silky smooth to the touch.

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NIBS and wet-sanding marks are present in a number of areas throughout the paint. What does that mean? All paint has to be wet-sanded once applied to make it look smooth and polished. But inadequate wet-sanding from the factory often leaves undesirable traces of scratching or etching. That’s not how a $100,000 vehicle should be delivered. We got rid of these imperfections on this Tesla.

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Here the Model S has a polish being applied to it. This is in preparation for the Xpel paint protection film (a.k.a clear bra) in order to prevent the front end from rock chips and even minimize the adverse effects of parallel parking bumper taps.

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Front Bumper and Mirrors

Here we are applying the film. The Xpel Ultimate will be covering up the front bumper, mirrors, fenders, and 1/4 of the hood. These are all areas prone to debris damage from roads and highways, and as a rule of thumb they are the default application areas we recommend. Furthermore, Xpel Ultimate will not only protect from rock chips, but also bugs, as well. Remember, when velocity is in the mix, even a small lovebug at 80MPH can leave a tiny little imprint or indent on your front bumper. Now imagine what happens when it’s hundreds of them. As a barrier, Xpel Ultimate prevents the indentations, keeping your paint flat and smooth…but also, allows very easy removal of the bugs, thanks to its non-stick formula. Simply wipe them off.

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Wrapped edges


Tesla Model S P90D Polished and Protected

Here is the front-end partially wrapped in Xpel to protect from bugs and rock chips. Can you see the edges or seams? We didn’t think so. Gtechniq ceramic coating and Gtechniq Crystal Serum are also applied on the car to bring out the deep blue hue of this gorgeous car.

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Partial hood coverage but can you see a line? We beg to differ! 🙂

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Pricing and procedure for this particular detail can be found here: New Car Protection

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