Volkswagen Golf GTI New Car Protection Detail w/PPF and Ceramic Coatings

Here we have a brand new 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI. This vehicle came to us for a New Car Protection Detail (with machine polish), Gtechniq Coating, and Xpel Ultimate full front Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra). The owner of this beauty ordered the car from the dealership, which is in close proximity to his work place. He had the vehicle delivered straight to his workplace, and shortly after it came straight to our shop. The owner ensured that the vehicle had as little street time as possible. As you’ll see below, this VW only had 38 miles on the clock when it arrived.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

As with every New Car Protection Detail, we start with a full foam wash with deionized water to remove debris. Next is an iron and fallout deposit removal wash, which removes any iron and paint deposits. These steps ensure that all contaminates are removed from the paint before we begin machine polishing. This VW received a Rupes Bigfoot machine polish to create the perfect surface for Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film and Gtechniq application.

Volkswagen Golf GTIVolkswagen Golf GTI

All paintwork is machine polished before Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Gtechniq application.Volkswagen Golf GTI



Volkswagen Golf GTI


Freshly polished paint work. Now the GTi’s was ready for our Full Front Xpel Paint Protection(PPF).


Volkswagen Golf GTI Volkswagen Golf GTI

After wrapping all edges of the PPF film. Gtechniq Crystal Serum Professional and EXOv2 was applied over the VW’s entire exterior paint work.


And the results!