2017 Toyota Tacoma – New Car Protection with PPF and Modesta Glass Coating

Nothing but the best and total protection for this brand new 2017 Inferno Orange Toyota Tacoma. What a stunning color that gained more depth and clarity with the Superior Detailer New Car Protection detail with Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Modesta BC-04 Glass Coating. This is a personal vehicle for Superior Detailer on which we are testing films and coatings.¬†Modesta Glass Coatings create a hard, thick glass-like layer that acts as an incredible barrier, protecting the paint from all adverse affects of the environment. It creates a long-lasting resistance against chemical and mechanical wear, and an amazing glossy shine. Modesta Glass Coatings are hand-applied by certified Modesta installers and we are 1 of only 3 installers in the state of Florida that can apply these glass coatings. Nothing but the best for ours and our customers’ vehicles here at SD!

As with every New Car Protection Detail, we started with a full foam wash with deionized water to remove debris. Next is an iron and fallout deposit removal wash, which removes any iron and paint deposits. These steps ensure that all contaminates are removed from the paint before we begin machine polishing.

This truck was driven approximately 500 miles before applying ClearGuard Nano PPF to the hood, bumper, fenders, mirrors, headlights, A-pillars, and 1/4 roof. We performed a machine polish to these areas to remove surface scratches that accumulated in just the first few weeks of driving the vehicle. We wrap all edges on the hood and fenders to create a flawless finish. You won’t see the film on this hood!

We drove the vehicle another 2,000 miles before applying the final layer of protection to the entire truck. During that time, the truck accumulated a fair amount of light surface scratches from the highway miles, particularly on the tailgate. After another multi-step wash, we performed a Rupes Bigfoot machine polish on the remainder of the vehicle to remove these scratches and rejuvenate the clear coat. Here’s a great example of why a New Car Protection detail is so important if you want to maintain a beautiful finish on your vehicle for years.

After the Rupes machine polish, this beauty received the most exclusive coating that we offer here at SD: Modesta BC-04 Glass Coating. We applied Modest BC-04 to all paint work and atop the PPF that we applied previously to create a surface that will protect the clear coat, create a glossy shine, and make the vehicle incredibly easy to wash and maintain. All coatings are applied by hand.

After the coating application, the vehicle is cured with an IR lamp section by section. This process took approximately 4 hours total for this Tacoma and is such a crucial step in ensuring the strongest chemical bond of the coating.

Nothing but the best protection for our vehicles and our clients’ vehicles. Protection is key to ensuring you enjoy a beautiful finish on your investment for years. It also creates a finish that stays cleaner longer, repels dirt, and is much easier to wash. This Inferno orange Toyota Tacoma is surely the shiniest and most protected Toyota in all of Central Florida! Come see the protection for yourself at Superior Detailer!