Superior Detailer at Ride & Shine Detailing, Berkel en Rodenrijs, Netherlands

Ride & Shine High End Car Detailing

We love to travel! Many may not know about my love for traveling, it is my biggest passion besides cars and riding bikes. Last month Kim and I had a short vacation in the Netherlands. While there, I visited one of the best Modesta detail shops in the world, near Rotterdam. This is a short post that focuses on a more personal side of SD: our love for travel and Superior Detailer at Ride & Shine Detailing. Check out the Ride & Shine Detailing shop and their work here: and on YouTube:

After a few days in Amsterdam, I took a one-hour train ride from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. Once there, I rode my BMX bike to Ride & Shine in Berkel en Rodenrijs.

Ride & Shine High End Car Detailing

I am here with Serge, owner of Ride & Shine, and Yuri of Presto Dimensions. Yuri is the PPF installer at the Ride & Shine shop.

Serge and Yuri were kind enough to allow me to assist them for the day. It’s always a great experience to work alongside talented and like-minded professionals. You can view some of Yuri’s PPF work in the photos below. I also assisted Serge in applying some Modesta coatings.

The Ride & Shine Detailing shop is a very nice state-of-the-art detail shop. It is inspiring to work with colleagues who take such care and pride in the work they do for their clients.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit many countries with my detail work. It’s an honor to visit detailers in other countries because we learn so much from each other. Traveling in itself is a learning experience and it’s one of my most favorite things to do. Thanks for reading this short post about my recent travels. We’re looking forward to the next one!

-Steve, SD