Honda S2000 Restorative Detailing | High-End Detailing Orlando

In this post, I discuss Restorative Detailing and High-End Detailing on the Honda S2000. We are Superior Detailer, located in downtown Orlando.

What is High End Detailing and Restorative Detailing?

But first I want to discuss what High-End Detailing is? What is high-end detailing? It is a unique level of detailing performed by experienced detailers who go above and beyond the average detail shop. Most importantly, it is detailing by skilled craftsman who have years of experience working with high-end vehicles and performing luxury detail work.

Similarly, it includes restoration and restorative detailing for all vehicle types. As documented in this post, only the most skilled, trained detailers perform this type of high-end detailing. And it is one our specialties. Check out our latest Corvette post for some of our more recent restorative detailing work.

Honda S2000 Restoration

Next, I discuss the restorative detailing work on the Honda S2000. To support this you will find several photos to begin, and many before and after photos for comparison.

Modesta Coatings, Ceramic Coating

This black 2009 Honda S2000 comes to our shop for restoration and coating. The owner wants a full restoration of interior and exterior to possibly sell the vehicle. As you can see in the before shots, the paint is severely scratched after being kept outside. Therefore, it needs a fine level of paint correction for a full restorative detailing effort. So, here’s what we are doing:

  • Wheels-off wash and preparation detail to the exterior
  • Engine bay steam clean
  • Level 3 Paint Correction
  • Extensive Interior detail with seat removal
  • Headlight restoration and paint protection film application
  • Paint chip repair to hood and front bumper using Dr. Color Chip
  • Modesta BC-08 ceramic coating applied to exterior to protect the new paint finish we create

The Honda is normally kept in a covered garage, but outside nonetheless. As you can see, the paint is very scratched and the interior is very dirty. So, it needs a lot of work to restore.


Here’s a short video of our paint correction process. Find this on our YouTube channel and please like and subscribe!

Wheels-off Detail and Interior Detail

The wheels-off detail is the first step in our high-end detailing and restorative detailing process. We can’t perform a restoration detail without removing the wheels.

High-End Detailing

Steve performs a full interior detail. That includes removing the seats and steam cleaning them, for instance. He also steam cleans all interior parts to remove years of embedded dirt.

High End Detailing, Car Detailing, Steam Clean

As a result, the interior is brought back to life. See the before and after photos below.

We also steam clean the engine compartment. See below.

Car Detailing

Paint Correction and Headlight Restoration | High-End Detailing

Steve performs a multiple-stage paint correction to remove most scratches, swirls, and oxidation. As a result, we can see a new paint finish emerging. See some before and after photos below.

Meanwhile, we restore the headlights by machine polisher. After, we apply paint protection film (PPF) to stabilize the restoration. The new headlights greatly improve visibility at night.

These steps are all part of our high-end detailing services.

Modesta Ceramic Coating Applied

Lastly, Steve applies the Modesta BC-08 coating. Steve applies the coating by hand, then he cures the coating with an Infrared (IR) lamp. As a result, the paint is extremely glossy and protected from the environmental elements. See the photos below of the coating and cure process.

We are so happy with results and so is our client. This Honda S2000 is ready for a car show!

modesta coatings, honda s2000, ceramic coating

Conclusion of our Restorative Detailing

In conclusion, at Superior Detailer we provide a very special restorative detailing and high-end detailing service. Our High-End Detailing includes different services and I hope that this post gives you a glimpse into our level of service.

Thank you for reading today. Steve and I truly appreciate your support. Please visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel some awesome videos of our other detailing work. – Kim, Superior Detailer LLC