Corvette C8 at Superior Detailer

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This post explores the release of the new mid-engine Corvette from a detailer’s perspective. First I discuss how our previous work benefits new Corvette owners. Then I touch on the importance of protecting the vehicles with our paint protection options. Lastly, I show our work on two brand new C8s. Yes, we are already servicing these vehicles in Orlando! Check out our photos and YouTube video below. Like many, we are so excited about the release of America’s first mid-engine sports car.

Brand New Sebring Orange C8 we Detail and Apply Paint Protection Film to the most vulnerable impact areas.

Chevrolet Corvette C8 Release

The Corvette is my favorite all-American sports car. See my recent Corvette blog post for information on all the work we do for Corvette owners in Florida.

Critics have mixed opinions about Chevy’s new Corvette C8 and America’s first mid-engine sports car. But after working on two of these back-to-back, I can honestly say that I love this new car for several reason. First, the price point for this high-performance sports car cannot be beat thus making it attainable for most consumers. Second, the mid-engine truly brings a whole new exotic look to American sports cars. Third, based on the stats, this Corvette performs like no other. Chevrolet truly produced an all-around perfect sports car that most consumers can and will afford! Here’s a more in-depth review:

Let’s Talk Colors!

Below I provide photos of the jet Black Z51 and Sebring Orange Stingray vehicles we recently worked on. I love both, but the Sebring Orange really does display the body lines that are somewhat hidden in certain lights on the black vehicle. The interior of the Sebring Orange Stringray

Corvette C8 Ceramic Coatings and Corvette C8 Paint Protection Film | Superior Detailer Work

Many new Corvette C8 owners are also new to paint protection. Therefore, it is important for us to properly educate our clients on process and reasons for protecting these vehicles. I won’t go into too much detail on specifics about Ceramic Coatings and Paint Protection Film. I simply present photos of the black Corvette C8 we polished and protected.

Why Bring your Corvette C8 to Superior Detailer vs. Another Shop?

The owner of the black Corvette C8 shopped around before choosing us for the work. We soon realized that he received false information about paint protection from other shops in our area. This is unfortunate because our whole purpose here is to protect the integrity of these vehicles. It’s our passion! And I won’t ever try to sell you something you don’t need or want!

The owner came to me confused about the process and purpose for each stage. In turn, I was happy to educate him. This is what we did to his vehicle:

  • Polished the exterior surfaces to the standard Superior Detailer finish. This process is not achieved by any detailer. I spend my entire career honing this craft. It’s taken decades to attain my skill level in paint correcting and polishing finishes. The results speak for themselves. See the photo below for an example of why this is a required step even for new vehicles.
  • Paint Protection Film Track package application using Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film
  • Modesta BC-04 Glass Coating to exterior paint work.
  • Modesta BC-06 wheel coating to wheels and brake calipers, wheels are removed for complete professional coverage.

Only Two Certified Coating and PPF Installers (Company Owners) Perform the Work

This is one of the biggest reasons why it’s important for you to bring your car to a professional for a professional installation. When you bring your vehicle to us, its me and my wife that install the coatings and PPF. I bring this up because we just had a Corvette in our shop with an improper coating installation by another shop in Orlando. We are now removing the coating, which failed in some areas and was improperly installed. This happens countless times for many vehicles in my shop. When you see me the first time, the work is done professionally and correctly the first time. And, I always stand by my work 100%. If you’re not satisfied, then I’m not satisfied.

Make sure you thoroughly research the company and see up-close photos of the work they will perform for your Corvette.

We Provide the BEST Corvette Paint Protection Service in Central Florida.

Don’t take my word for it. Do the research and find out for yourself!

I welcome you to check out our YouTube videos. Please go to our Instagram page for up-close photos and video of the work we perform. Research our Modesta coatings and understand why it is the ONLY coating brand we choose to apply to Corvettes and all vehicles in our shop. Check out our Gallery page for images of the work we perform.

I can’t wait to provide my services to you and your new Corvette C8!

-Steve, Owner and Operator