Orlando Ferrari Detailing – Paint Correction and Paint Protection

The Orlando Ferrari scene is huge! We know and love Ferrari’s here at Superior Detailer, and have been detailing these fine Italian automobiles since 2008. The skills and knowledge gained correcting and protecting Ferrari paint was born from a passion to keep these cars as beautiful as the day they left the factory floor. Yes, these cars are designed and built to be driven, and driven hard and fast. But it’s my passion to keep these vehicles as beautiful as their designers intended them to be. I’ve mastered this art on the Ferrari over the years. This post showcases what we do best here at Superior Detailer: Paint Correction and Paint Protection. There are several areas that I’ll focus on:

  • Why Paint Correction and Paint Protection is important
  • Proper Preparation (washing)
  • Restoration / Paint Correction / Interior Detailing
  • Protection – Paint Protection Film and Coatings

We all know that Ferraris come brand new from the factory with paint defects such as light scratches and swirling. An unprotected surface will continue to accumulate scratches and other defects from improper washing and daily driving. Below are some photos I snapped at a recent local car show. These Ferraris were in need of some SD love and are a perfect example of cars that I see come into my shop. Improper detailing and washing is what caused these paint defects. A paint correction is the only way to REMOVE these defects.

Ferrari Orlando Paint Correction

Paint Correction and Protection

Why is Paint Protection So Important?

Paint protection and maintenance of these vehicles is at the foundation of my business. It’s my passion and what drives my success in this business. The above photos are some examples of what happens when the paint is not protected, and why protection is so important to me and many Ferrari owners in Central Florida. Many car enthusiasts enjoy having a clean car, but the next step is to have clean and stunning paint. Protection is the key to ensuring the paint stays stunning for miles and miles. See the 50/50 difference below on a Ferrari 458 I detailed last year and the photos below of the stunning finish. This is how I wish all Ferraris in my town to be!!

Paint Correction Orlando Florida

Paint Correction Paint Protection Orlando Florida

I’ve paint corrected many Ferrari’s in my shop here in downtown Orlando. I’ve also applied different levels of protection on these vehicles: Paint Protection Film (PPF) (or Clear Bra), and Modesta Glass Coatings. If the owner has any interest in maintaining beautiful paint, it’s important to protect the car when it is brand new to avoid the defects we see in the above photos and also from Florida’s strong UV rays. It takes days and will cost an owner thousands to have those scratches removed. Below is a 50/50 of a black FF I corrected and coated late last year. I love the art of paint correction, but I do love catching these defects before they get so bad.

Ferrari FF Paint Correction Orlando


Proper Preparation before Paint Correction or Protective Coatings

Preparation is key! A cleaner and properly prepped surface is ideal for ensuring the strongest bond for paint protection film and/or protective coatings. Unprotected paint also attracts environmental contaminates, tree sap, bird droppings, and other elements that sit on top of the paint and cannot be removed with a standard car wash. I have perfected my wash process through years of experience as a mobile detailer and then in a shop applying protective coatings. We always wash vehicles inside the climate-controlled SD shop and start every prep with a full foam wash with deionized water to remove debris. We then perform an iron and fallout deposit removal wash. You can see the iron deposits on the Silver FF below.

Ferrari FF

Ferrari 488 Italia Red - Multi-step Wash

Ferrari FF Decontamination Wash

Ferrari FF Decontamination Wash

Vehicles we detail receive a “Warning” hang tag instructing dealers not to wash the vehicle. As we’ve seen, improper washing seriously jeopardizes the paint and that’s something we always want to avoid.

Proper Washing

Now that we’ve gone over proper wash techniques, the next step is correcting the paint before protection.

Restoration/Paint Correction and Interior Detailing

Paint Correction is our most sought after service. I’ve refined my paint correction skills over the last decade on hundreds of vehicles using different techniques, machines, pads, and polishes. High-end paint correction isn’t taught in a class or weekend course; it is a skill that improves with experience and dedication to the craft over many years. I’ve corrected the paint on many Ferraris from Orlando and other areas of Florida. Below are various paint correction shots on a 488 Italia, 458 Spider, 458 Italia, and F12. We also perform high-end interior detailing and have done so on many Ferraris. Some photos are below.

Ferrari 458 Italia Paint Correction

Ferrari F12 Paint Correction

Ferrari 458 Spider

Ferrari FF Paint Correction

Ferrari 458 Paint Correction

Ferrari F12 Paint Correction

458 Italia Interior Detail

Many Ferrari owners come to SD for the Paint Correction service before applying protective coatings. Like I mentioned, it’s our most sought after service, and for good reason. Protecting that newly finished paint is important in keeping it that way. The next section describes the protective coatings we offer.

Protection: Paint Protection Film and Coatings

Many Ferrari owners in Central Florida choose to protect their vehicles with Paint Protection Film (PPF) (or Clear Bra) and/or Protective Coatings. Most of the Ferraris I service have a combination of the two. Protecting the paint is the best way to ensure the longevity of the clear coat and also an incredibly shiny finish that will stay cleaner longer and resist environmental contaminates and damage from daily driving. Here’s a cool shot of PPF applied to the front bumper of a Ferrari California. I love that Rosso Scuderia!

Ferrari California PPF

I choose my paint protection based on years of testing and personal experience with my own vehicles in Florida’s very hot climate. I only offer the the most DURABLE and BEST protection for Ferraris in Central Florida and refuse to apply nothing less than the best to the cars I detail. I’ve worked with Gtechniq’s line of protective coatings for almost 7 years and started offering Modesta’s Glass Coatings in my shop in 2017 after a lot of research. I’ve also been applying PPF to Ferraris since summer 2015.  The film and coatings I apply to Ferraris are tested and applied to my own personal vehicles. The gloss and candy-like shine in the final photos is a result of paint correction in combination with the protective coatings. Click on the links below to read about the coatings we offer:

This Black Ferrari F430 is being cured via IR lamp. Some coatings are cured to the paint in the SD shop with an IR lamp. The process takes about 4 hours for a full vehicle.

Ferrari F430

We coat wheels and brake calipers too, off the vehicle. This helps keeps the wheels cleaner and easier to maintain.

Coatings and PPF in my shop are only applied to polished paint, which results in a finish that cannot be attained in any average film shop. This is why Ferrari owners see me for their vehicles! Below are photos of our Ferrari PPF work. We wrap most edges for a seamless finish. It is quality over quantity at SD!

Ferrari F12 PPF and Paint Correction

Ferrari 458 Italia PPF


And finally, here are just some great Ferrari shots. I personally take all photos myself, with my own cameras. Who doesn’t love a good Ferrari shot? Enjoy!

Ferrari F430

Ferrari 458 Spider

Ferrari 458 Paint Correction Protective Coating


Ferrari FF

Ferrari California

All photos taken and owned by Steven K. Fritz, Superior Detailer LLC.