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Ford GT New Car Protection

Hi! Kim here from Superior Detailer, Orlando and this is an overview of our work on the new Ford GT. Steve and I took on this beast together. It was a fun challenge. Here you’ll find information on what we did to the Ford GT and why. Go to our YouTube channel for the full video. Give it a thumbs up and follow us on YouTube for more content like this.

This brand new 2019 Ford GT came straight to us from the dealership. The vehicle had only 16 miles on it. The owners wanted to protect the vehicle with paint protection film (PPF) to prevent scratches and other damage to the paint. What we did:

  • Full High-End Car Detail with Undercarriage Treatment
    Purpose: Our full decontamination and preparation wash decontaminates the paint, better preparing it for further work. The undercarriage detail is part of our full high-end detail service.
  • Paint Correction.
    Purpose: to remove swirls and other factory paint defects. This process also prepares the paint for Paint Protection Film (PPF) application
  • Full body PPF wrap with Prestige Film Technologies ClearGuarn Nano Paint Protection Film for the ultimate gloss and clarity.
    Purpose: Paint Protection Film will protect all paint work from scratches, rock chips, sun damage, and other environmental contaminates.
  • Wheels-off Detail with Modesta BC-06 Wheel Coating. Complete wheel detail and polish. Detail and polish to calipers to prepare for glass coating.
    Purpose: Create a perfect finish on the wheels and calipers. The Modesta BC-06 wheel coating protects the wheels and calipers from brake dust and other contaminates. The wheel coating also makes the wheels incredibly easy to clean.
  • Modesta BC-04 Coating Application to Body
    Purpose: Coatings applied to film and paint creates a deep shine and unmatched reflections. The inorganic nature of the BC-04 coating makes it fully resistant to oxidation. The hard physical barrier against the paint and PPF prevents paint and PPF from coming in contact with air and acts as a scratch protectant.
Full Video of our Ford GT work on our YouTube channel. Subscribe and enjoy our videos regularly! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQL08xlUhxA&t=2s

Why does a brand new car need protection?

We recommend new car protection for all new vehicles, especially a brand new supercar like the Ford GT. The full body PPF wrap will protect all paint work from scratches, rock chips, sun damage, and other environmental contaminates. The coating will protect the paint and PPF from oxidation, yellowing, scratching, and other environmental contaminates. The coating also makes the vehicle much easier to wash, protecting the film from scratching.

Ford GT Detail

At Superior Detailer all of our New Car Preparation details begin with a decontamination wash and preparation. For the Ford GT, we removed wheels and detailed inner wheel wells. We also detailed and waxed the undercarriage and suspension.

Paint Correction

Steve performed all paint correction work himself. Yes, he is the owner, and he is the one putting his hands on these vehicles. Steve’s skills in this area are unmatched in Central Florida. He is truly a craftsman and artist. The Ford GT deserved the best polish work and Steve delivered as always.
Benefits of Our Process: The paint correction removed light defects. The refinement brought out the best possible paint finish. This preparation to the paint’s surface also allows for a better bond for the PPF. The process also enhances the Modesta coating results.

Ford GT Full Body PPF (or Clear Bra) Wrap

Steve and I wrapped the whole vehicle together in paint protection film (PPF). We used a combination of custom PPF pieces and kits. This was challenging, yet fun for us. We choose the film based on vehicle type, customer driving habits, and other factors. For this show car we used Prestige Film Technologies ClearGuard Nano Paint Protection Film for it’s strength and clarity. Superior Detailer is the only shop in Central Florida that offers ClearGuard Nano PPF.
Benefits of Our Process: Our custom PPF fittings on certain areas allow for better coverage around hard edges. This will prevent film lifting which can accumulate and trap dirt. It is also more aesthetically appealing. Our professional opinion of film choice allows for the best possible fit and finish.

PPF Orlando
Paint Protection Film Orlando

Modesta Coatings Applied to Paint and Wheels

Steve applied both Modesta coatings himself. We chose to apply Modesta BC-04 to the PPF and body. We applied Modesta BC-06 wheel coating to the wheels and brake calipers after a full detail and machine polish to wheels and calipers.
Benefits of Our Process: Our Modesta coatings are the glossiest, strongest, and most durable coatings on the market. We know this because we’ve tried and tested them all on our own vehicles in Florida’s sub-tropical climate. The Modesta BC-06 wheel coating repels dirt and brake dust. The wheel coating also makes the wheels extremely easy to clean, which will aid in scratch prevention.

Ford GT Fully Protected and Ready for the Roads

This 2019 Ford GT is protected with our best combination of PPF and coatings. We couldn’t get enough of the fantastic results.

This Ford GT Detail displays what we do best: High-End Detailing, New Car Protection, and Paint Protection. The Ford GT received our best combination of services. Looks for this bad boy on the roads of Central Florida!

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